About US

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Our brand new location in Miramar, FL

We are a leading Web Hosting provider privately held and based in Miramar Florida “The City of Progress”. We are affiliated with a well recognized Web Development Company AlternaBit Incorporated, and count with a group of dedicated and loyal professionals.

One of our most important team members is Anthony, he is always supporting our efforts to succeed and to bring easier and more affordable web hosting services working side by side 24/7, although he is a bit short furry and speaks with a strange accent we love him very much.

He is our pet dog at home and on the web, yes that simple we were inspired by his loyalty and turned him into our emblem and logo. As a technology and service provider, we are able to provide customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses.

Anthony Hosting serves customers ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to make web hosting as easy and affordable as possible.

We also offer additional and more advanced web services, like customized hosting plans, welcome pages, Google Apps and a few more gadgets to jump start or improve your existing website.

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Our Founders

Antonio Ciuccolini

Carolina Taurel